Crypto Wallet Audit

Safeguard your digital assets with Blaize.Security wallet audit service. Our certified team conducts a comprehensive examination of your wallet's code or any of its components, identifying potential vulnerabilities and delivering effective solutions to ensure the security of your funds.

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Why Wallet Audits Matter

Vulnerability Detection

Blaize.Security simulates various attack scenarios to identify potential weaknesses, guaranteeing the secure operation of your wallet.

Multi-component Protection

Blaize.Security works on every application layer, ensuring the best blockchain security practices for every crypto wallet component. From SDKs, cryptography libraries and chain interactions, up to wallet extensions and smart wallets.

Security Standards Compliance

Alignment with security standards like OWASP recommendations, C4 (CryptoConsortium), and ISO 27001 is crucial for your wallet extension, app and any other component.

Crypto Wallet Audit Services

At Blaize.Security, we deliver tailored Wallet Security Audit services to address the distinct requirements of blockchain projects. Count on us to fortify your crypto wallet and its components, detecting and addressing potential vulnerabilities to ensure a secure decentralized future.

Custom Strategy for Wallet Security

Blaize.Security team prepares a custom strategy for any type of blockchain client: either it is wallet extension, light client, wallet built into the blockchain node, custodial solution, or smart account. Our strategies assess the resilience of your wallet against various threat vectors.

Code Review and Testing

Conduct a meticulous examination of your wallet's codebase to identify coding errors, vulnerabilities, and potential security risks. Our code review process and several testing stages ensure the integrity and security of your wallet's underlying infrastructure.

Security Assessment

Assess the overall security of your wallet infrastructure, including all components, services, and communication channels. Identify and mitigate potential weak points that could compromise the security of your users' digital assets.

Multi-Signature Security Evaluation

For wallets and protocols employing multi-signature technology, our evaluation ensures the robustness of the multi-signature setup. Identify and address any weaknesses that could impact the security and trustworthiness of multi-signature transactions.

Smart Wallets

Ensure the security of the smart-contracts based wallets: multisigs, smart accounts, smart wallets or modules based on account abstraction. Blaize.Security team works on each level of the decentralized application - starting with smart contracts security and ensuring the safety of onchain assets.

Cryptography Evaluation

Ensure the integrity and completeness of the cryptographic modules in the core of your wallet. Our team works with MPC schemes, ZK circuits, advanced multisignature schemes and other modern primitives powering the cryptographic security of your wallet.

Benefits of choosing Blaize.Security

At Blaize.Security, we understand that the security of your wallet is not just a necessity; it's a fundamental aspect of ensuring the longevity and success of your digital asset endeavors.

Expertise in Blockchain Security

Our certified team comprises experts with a wealth of experience to assess and fortify your wallet's security at any modern blockchain.

Tailored Solutions for Every Wallet Type

Our audit services are tailored to meet the unique security requirements of each wallet type or any wallet’s component.

Advanced Security Testing Techniques

Our assessments include penetration testing, code reviews, and vulnerability scans to comprehensively identify and address potential security risks.

Continuous Monitoring Solutions

We offer continuous monitoring solutions to adapt to emerging threats and changes in web3, providing enduring security for your wallet.

Audit of all Wallet components across multiple blockchains

  • crypto wallet extensions and apps
  • cyptography libraries
  • SDKs and other components
  • MPC and ZK technology
  • multisigs, smart wallets, account abstraction based wallets

Solidity / Vyper -  for any EVM Compatible chain




Rust, CosmWasm and dialects for Rust-chains





Our expertise is not limited by technologies above - Blaze Security extensive RnD direction makes us first for securing each new or exotic technology.

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