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Why Blockchain Audits Matter: Unraveling the Risks

Protocol Vulnerabilities

Blockchain can harbor vulnerabilities and coding errors that malicious entities exploit to compromise security, potentially leading to unauthorized access or manipulation of network behavior.

Economic Safeguarding

Weaknesses in blockchain networks will expose the network to financial losses. Malicious actors exploit vulnerabilities with the main goal to drain funds, or disrupt the intended functionality, jeopardizing the economic aspects of the project.

Reputation Resilience

Security breaches within blockchain networks have broader implications, eroding trust among users, investors, and stakeholders. This loss of confidence will inflict lasting damage on the reputation of the entire project or organization, emphasizing the crucial role of robust blockchain security.

Blockchain Network Audit Services

At Blaize.Security, we provide a variety of customized blockchain network audit services, specifically designed to address the unique requirements of blockchain projects and organizations.

Compliance with Security Standards

Ensure that your blockchain network aligns with established security standards and best practices. Our audit includes a thorough check to ensure compliance with industry benchmarks like C4 (CryptoConsortium) checklist and OWASP recommendations, reducing the risk of security breaches.

System Analysis and Protocol Verification

Identification of all components and actors in each layer of the blockchain. Analysis of each component and their place in the system and their interaction. Verification of the processes of transactions initiation and sending, block creation, P2P communication protocol and main modules within the blockchain layer.

Consensus Mechanism Assessment

Evaluate the robustness and security of the consensus mechanism employed by your blockchain. Verify the chosen model of validator’s selection, identify potential vulnerabilities and weaknesses that could impact the integrity and reliability of the consensus algorithm.

Cryptography and Keys Management Review

Entire stage dedicated to the review of all cryptographic primitives in the system, processes of transactions signing, key pairs generation, multisig models. Sorrow review of keys management processes: private keys and seeds storage, retrieving and utilization, accounts generation and storage.

Core Smart Contracts Security Analysis

Assess the security of core and beacon smart contracts (or other types of chaincode) pre-deployed on your chain. Verify that the consensus layer can rely on chaincode in its foundation. Identify vulnerabilities and risks that could compromise the functionality and security of the whole blockchain network.

Network Security Evaluation

Evaluate the overall security of the network architecture, including nodes, communication channels, and data transmission. Identify and mitigate potential weak points that could expose the network to attacks or unauthorized access.

Why Choose Blaize.Security

Blockchain nodes are the backbone of the ecosystem, defining the rules and mechanisms governing transactions, consensus, and overall network operation. The integrity and security of these components are paramount for ensuring trust, transparency, and reliability within the blockchain ecosystem.

Expertise in Blockchain Security

Our certified team comprises experts with a deep understanding of blockchain technology, cryptography, and the intricacies of blockchain network design.

Tailored Solutions for Every Blockchain Type

Whether you have a public blockchain, private blockchain, or consortium blockchain, our audit services are tailored to meet the unique security requirements of each blockchain type.

Advanced Security Testing Techniques

We go beyond conventional audits. Our assessments include several stages of assessments, code reviews, and vulnerability scans to comprehensively identify and address potential security risks.

Continuous Monitoring Solutions

Recognizing that security is an ongoing process, our services extend beyond the initial audit, providing enduring security for your network.

During the audit our team provides

  • Individual Auditing strategy based on the blockchain network needs
  • Dedicated team of at least 2 Security Auditors and Security Lead
  • List of discovered vulnerabilities, places for improvements and potential threats together with recommendations for their elimination
  • Results of system decomposition in a form of schemes and charts depicting components and system layers, their interactions, funds flow, etc
  • Consensus model validation, cryptography primitives review and keys management assessment
  • Review against several checklists including C4 (CryptoConsortium) and OWASP
  • Intensive consulting up to the last resolved issue
  • Official report containing all discovered information

Blaize Blockchain Network Audit Stack

Bitcoin-family chains and their forks

GETH and other EVM clients

Cosmos SDK and IBC-compatible chains

OP-stack, zk-rollups, and other L2s

Interoperable chains

DAGs and alternative ledgers

Our expertise is not limited by standard technologies, but also includes custom ledgers, alternative P2P protocols and network architectures.

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