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Engage our dApp Security Audit Services to thoroughly examine your decentralized application, ensuring a safe and secure interaction with the blockchain network.

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Why dApp Audits Matter

Risk Mitigation

A security audit is a proactive measure, averting potential financial losses by identifying and rectifying vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

Reliability Assurance

Our security protocols prioritize safeguarding the border between web2 and web3, offering reassurance regarding the safety of your private key within the dApp.

Trust Building

Forge user confidence through robust system security, staying current with the latest security trends to maintain the highest standards and protect sensitive information.

dApp Security Audit Services

At Blaize.Security, we provide specialized dApp security audit services to meet the unique needs of blockchain projects. Trust us to fortify your dApp against potential vulnerabilities and ensure a secure decentralized future.

Smart Contract Analysis

A cornerstone of dApp security, our smart contract analysis delves into the code to identify vulnerabilities, loopholes, and potential exploits. We ensure that your smart contracts adhere to best practices and industry standards.

Architecture Evaluation

Beyond individual components, we assess the overall architecture of your dApp. This includes evaluating the integration of various modules, third-party dependencies, and potential weak points that could compromise security.

Blockchain Interactions Review

Audit of all components interacting with the blockchain: check of wallet integration, private keys handling, transactions preparation and signing, smart contract calls, correct RPC calls, and other vulnerable places.

Compliance with Security Standards

Ensure that your dApp aligns with established security standards and best practices. Our audit includes a thorough check to ensure compliance with industry benchmarks like C4 (CryptoConsortium) checklist and OWASP recommendations, reducing the risk of security breaches.

Continuous Monitoring Solutions

Security is an ongoing process. Our services extend beyond the initial audit, providing continuous monitoring solutions to adapt to emerging threats and changes in the blockchain landscape.

Keys and Accounts Management Review

Sorrow review of keys management processes: private keys and seeds storage, retrieving and utilization, accounts generation and storage.

Benefits of choosing Blaize.Security

At Blaize.Security, we go beyond traditional security measures. We understand your dApp's success hinges on its security, so we offer a comprehensive approach to dApp Security Audits.

Expertise That Speaks Volumes

Our certified team comprises experts with a wealth of experience, we bring a discerning eye to identify and address potential security loopholes.

Meticulous Analysis

We leave no stone unturned in our quest for security. Our audits involve meticulous analysis of your dApp's architecture, smart contracts, and underlying technologies.

Tailored Security Solutions

We recognize that every dApp is unique. Our approach involves tailoring security solutions that align with your project's specific requirements and objectives.

Advanced Testing Techniques

Embracing cutting-edge testing methods, we leverage both manual assessments and automated tools to comprehensively evaluate your dApp's security.

During the audit our team provides

  • Individual Auditing strategy based on the protocol needs
  • The dedicated team of at least 2 Security Auditors
and a Security Lead
  • List of discovered vulnerabilities, places for improvements, and potential threats together with recommendations for their elimination
  • Results of protocol decomposition in the form of schemes and charts depicting components and system layers, their interactions, funds flow, etc
  • Validation of the system configuration and deployment procedure
  • Review against several checklists including OWASP recommendations
  • Intensive consulting up to the last resolved issue
  • Official report containing all discovered information

Audit of all dApp components across multiple blockchains

  • dApp - web-application
  • backend services and workers
  • APIs and other endpoints
  • SDKs and libraries
  • smart contracts

Solidity / Vyper -  for any EVM Compatible chain




Rust, CosmWasm and dialects for Rust-chains





Our expertise is not limited by technologies above - Blaze Security extensive RnD direction makes us first for securing each new or exotic technology.

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